出演:伊藤英明、大塚寧々、岩城滉一、阿部寛、柏原収史、吹越満、仲根かすみ (2000)



第1話 運命の再会 ※DC

第2話 友に告げる真実

第3話 殺人ウイルスの正体

第4話 気づいてよ、兄さん

第5話 代理母とわかっていても

第6話 囚われた兄、美しき天才

第7話 バイオ・ハザードの罠!

第8話 愛する友よ!決死の治療

第9話 日記に、兄弟の秘密が…

第10話 打ち砕かれた家族の悲劇

第11話 二人の夜叉、憎しみと愛の果てに




Other name: 夜叉 / Demon / Monster


The story is about a set of twin baby boys who were created/cloned in the laboratory as a part of gene altering/gene therapy experiment. Because of the nature of the project, the twins were born with superior physical strength, supernatural powers and extremely high IQ. Unfortunately, the twins were separated at birth. One of the brothers, Sei, grew up to be an elite bio-chemistry scientist in America. He was assigned to a project where he has to travel to a small island in Japan to investigate an unidentified virus that is spreading on the island. By a freak of nature, he found out that he has a twin brother, Rin, whose evil, dark personality is entirely opposite of him.

What is going to happen when they finally meet face to face? WHat are their true identities? Why were they separated at birth, what other secrets are hidden from them? Does the fast spreading virus has anything to do with the twins? Who created them? And why?

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2000

Genre: Action; Mystery; Suspense;