SHARK 2nd Season






SHARK Season 2

After their epic live show, before they could have their major debut, the music band, SHARK had to suspend their activities due to Mizuki’s problems with his throat.Irie Saku is the leader of the 4-men rock band, “Cloud Five”. Before they made their debut, vocalist Sato Yuto is busy going round winning over their female fans. In the meantime, to make them more marketable, the music producer Matsuyuki Hisashi decides to launch them as indies with a song that he had composed. Guitarist Shindo Kota, who is Saku’s buddy, is very unhappy over the direction their music is taking. He stubbornly believes the song is not in line with the usual ballads they have been performing. Soon after, Kota is involved in a fight, betraying the childhood promise he had made to Saku.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014


DramaCool】※English Subtitles

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