OL Desuga Kyabajyouhajimemasita

キャスト:倉持明日香、筧美和子、奥仲麻琴、成瀬瑛美、天乃舞衣子、 高橋胡桃、片山萌美、永田 薫、石川梨華、福士誠治 ほか (2006)MBS

手取り16万円、中規模の広告代理店に勤め出して3年。ブランド品を買ってる訳でもないのに、いっこうに貯金が貯まらない。そんな25歳のOL・小泉菜奈子が「お金を稼ぐぞー!」と一念発起。 昼間はOLの仕事を続けながら、平日の夜は毎日3時間キャバクラ『クラブ プロポーション』で働くことに……。


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OL입니다만, 캬바죠 시작했습니다

OL Desu Ga, Kyabajo Hajimemashita (Pleased to Meet You)

Nanako works in an advertising agency but only takes home about ¥160,000 a month, which is not enough to pay her bills. Eventually, her electricity and gas are cut off due to non-payment, so she decides to moonlight as a cabaret club hostess because she hears the pay is good. She’s hired to work three hours every weeknight, but her first shift overwhelms her. Nanako has a low-key personality, but her colleagues, including her supervisor, Mr. Oda, are all high-powered hustlers. She also finds it difficult to develop any kind of relationship with the customers.
Country: Japanese
Status: Ongoing
Released: 2016
Genre: Drama


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