M 愛すべき人がいて


歌姫・浜崎あゆみ誕生に秘められた出会いと別れを描いた話題作『M 愛すべき人がいて』(小松成美著・幻冬舎文庫刊)を安斉かれん&三浦翔平主演で初のドラマ化!原作に“ドラマならでは”のオリジナル要素を加えて、壮大なスケールで描いていきます。激動の音楽業界を駆け抜けるアユとマサ――。二人の愛や葛藤を描く物語に、脚本家・鈴木おさむならではのエッセンスをふんだんに散りばめたジェットコースター・ラブ作品がここに誕生!

M 愛すべき人がいて

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M: Ai Subeki Hito ga Ite

Other name: M 愛すべき人がいて

Set in the 1990’s, high school student Ayu lives with her mother and grandmother in Fukuoka. She works as a model, but, to pursue an acting career, she goes to Tokyo with her grandmother. While attending a high school, she picks up acting work, but only minor roles. One day, Ayu meets Masa, who is the executive director of record label A Victory. He decides to make Ayu into a singer. According to Masa, Ayu prepares to make her debut as a singer. Meanwhile, she encounters jealousy from rivals at her record label. Trusting Masa, Ayu endures her problems. She also develops feelings for Masa and Masa also holds feelings for her.

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama; life; Music; Romance;

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