DCU Deep Crime Unit 〜手錠を持ったダイバー〜


DCU Deep Crime Unit 〜手錠を持ったダイバー〜

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DCU (2022)


Niina Masayoshi is the leader of DCU. The group was newly created by the Japan Coast Guard and stands for Deep Crime Unit. Their mission is to find evidence and dead bodies hidden underwater, that are crucial to solving criminal cases. Niina Masayoshi never gives up investigating the truth.

Original Network: TBS;

Also known as: ディーシーユー Deep Crime Unit

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Release Year: 2022

Genres: Drama, investigation, Mystery, Teamwork

Starring: Abe Hiroshi (1964), Ichikawa Mikako (1978), Nakamura Anne (1987), Okazaki Taiiku (1989), Shunputei Shota (1959), Shuri (1990), Takahashi Mitsuomi (1982), Tosa Yuki (1994), Yamazaki Ikusaburo (1986), Yokohama Ryusei (1996)

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